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Consortium Juridical Person: Yungtay Social Welfare Foundation

Donations should be transferred to Postal Account #15700458
Account Name:Consortium Juridical Person: Yungtay Social Welfare Foundation

Address: #267 Dunhua South Road, Section 2 9th floor, #5 Taipei City, Daan Section

Telephone: (02)2736-7555

Fax: (02)2738-4825


Taiwan’s societal expansion and progress has created a wealthy and prosperous life, but this has also led to many societal problems. Yungtay Engineering Co. Ltd., Yungchang Engineering Co. Ltd.’s Chairman Hsu Yunxia, and the foundation’s founder Mr. Hsu Zuoxi have the desire to give back to society. On July 9, 1991 during the celebration of Yungtay’s 25th anniversary, $30,000,000NT was donated to start the foundation. The Foundation connects social work experience and expertise with enterprise management and management ideas for the benefit of serving society, improving societal problems, and creating a harmonious, beautiful world.


The foundation was established through Department of the Interior’s approval, number 8003471.

  Mission Statement

 Cherish life, respect all, care for individuals, actively participate, serve, and harmonize society.


The foundation’s goals for societal welfare are as follows:
1. Care for children’s welfare
2. Care for young adult’s welfare
3. Care for women’s welfare
4. Care for disabled and handicapped individuals’ welfare
5. Care for senior welfare
6. Care for social welfare relief
7. Receive directives from the board of directors
8. All other applicable areas of social relief

  Work Items

1. Case work provides aid for families with emergency needs and scholarships, and in special cases provides families with medical and equipment monies.
2. Children and young adult welfare services helps in-need children and young adults through summer camps, teaching activities, teamwork, and learning. Special attention is given to low income households, aborigines, and individuals in children’s hospitals. 
3. Disabled and Handicapped services helps those with mental handicaps and autism with initial treatment, physical therapy, and motor and learning activities. Those with other disabilities are provided with similar assistance.
4. Poverty stricken, seniors, and women’s welfare services. Assists minorities with winter preparedness, cares for senior clothing needs, helps in-need women, and assists those in the hospital.
5. Other welfare services. Training volunteers, social work and social problem seminars and research, and assistance to groups in advancing social welfare work.

Consortium Juridical Person: Yungtay Culture and Education Public Welfare Foundation

Address: #267 Dunhua South Road, Section 2 9th floor, #5 Taipei City, Daan Section




After the founding of the Yungtay Social Welfare Foundation, Yungtay realized that assistance to minorities, handicapped, the sick, etc. does not cover every need. In 1994 $10,000,000NT was donated for the founding of the Yungtay Culture and Education Public Welfare Foundation. It emphasizes culture, education, the arts, physical fitness, etc., in order to improve society for all people.


The foundation was established through Department of Education’s approval, number 055627.

  Mission Statement

This foundations supports endeavors that promote social education, enhance cultural education, physical fitness, artistic activities, showcase traditional cultural aspects, and improve society’s standard of living. The following are activities participated in:

1. Support cultural and educational activities
2. Support athletic and artistic activities, and award outstanding performance and talent
3. Support societal enhancement activities
4. Publish a foundation periodical

  Work Items

1. Cultural enhancement educational activities: Encourage the playing of Go by holding the Yungtay Go Tournament, support young adults by encouraging appropriate activities.

2. Athletic and artistic activities: Support all sports, encourage physical fitness, encourage research on Chinese art history and all types of artistic activities.

3. Promote social educational activities: Promote emergency preparedness training, support similar cultural and educational activities.

Consortium Juridical Person: Nian Xi Cultural Education Foundation

  Foundation Address

11F., No.99, Fuxing N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  Contribution Rules

This foundation is organized under the rules governing consortium druidical persons as laid out by the Education Department.

This organization is focused on the enhancement of scholarship, the arts, education and athletics. The following are specific coverage points:

1.  Enable research in scholarship, culture, arts, education, and athletics and publish relevant materials, available to all.

2. Set up galleries and hold relevant scholarly, cultural, and artistic events.

3. Hold scholastic conferences on cultural, artistic, educational, or athletic questions, gather materials on scholarship, culture, the arts, education, and athletics progress, and edit and publish these materials for public use.

4. Sponsor outstanding domestic or international individuals and groups in scholarly, cultural, artistic, educational, or athletic fields for visits and other activities, and encourage international cooperation.

5.Support other similar activities that fit within this foundation’s mandate.

This foundation was set up through a donation of $10,000,000NT by Mr. Hsu Zuoli.

Yungtay Engineering Taoyuan Plant Charitable Organization
108年6月 心燈啟智教養院 (1)


 In consequence of Taiwan’s modernization and industrialization, the social environment has given birth to numerous social problems. Yungtay Engineering Taoyuan Plant employees, under the encouragement of Chairman Hsu Yunxia, established the “Dew drops form together into a river” program to boost service and virtue on April 1, 1993, under the name of the Taoyuan Plant Charitable Organization. The organization uses spare time to attend to charitable and needy service work, helping to make society more harmonious.

  Main Focus

Embrace volunteerism, expand charity and the ability to give, he who serves the most gains the most.

  Service Items

This organization has set service as our starting point, including the following:

1. Visit all types of charitable organizations, donate money and resources, volunteer in cleanup operations.

2. Organize elderly care activities.

3. Organize emergency preparation.

4. Support the charitable organizations group.

5. Give manpower to the county government or other organizations’ volunteer projects.

6. Other applicable activities.

Workplace Monitoring Reports
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