Elevator Project

Elevator Introduction


◎ New Thinking in the New Era

As the pace of life picks up, people today feel more stressed and seek better quality of life. The definition of a home has changed from a basic shelter to emotional support. People expect more from décor. Every detail in the interior decoration not only represents the homeowner’s taste and ideas about life but also shows modern people’s wisdom and autonomy. In an era when refined life is sought-after, Yungtay provides a new option for you in decorating your home: the Villa Elevator.

◎ Safe, Beautiful, Comfortable, Human-centered Space

Taking the aging society into consideration, Yungtay is committed to designing safe elevators. We’d like your elderly or physically challenged family to be able to enjoy the convenience of an elevator.

Elegant or modern, our elevator blends into your home and becomes a family member of the new era. It is a thinking, humanized space.

Our elevator ascends and descends smoothly, and has user-friendly handles and soft lighting in the car. During the ride, you enjoy optimal comfort and rediscover a personal moment.

◎ Smart Households

*Infrared Light Curtain Anti-trap (Standard Equipment)

The traditional anti-trap design is replaced with the infrared light curtain sensor for safer passing. Once the beam is blocked, the doors will immediately stop closing and reopen for users to enter or exit safely.

*Telephone Line Exclusively for External Communications (Standard Equipment)

A telephone and an intercom are installed. The telephone can work with an exclusive line for external communications while the intercom is used for internal conversations. Signals are not interrupted whether you are inside or outside the elevator.

*Power Failure Lighting System

In the event of a power failure, the emergency light installed in the elevator will be switched on. You will be waiting in a safe and secure environment.

*Remote Monitoring System (Recommended Optional Feature)

You can purchase the remote monitoring system to meet your needs. This feature allows you to connection with Yungtay instantaneously and monitor the elevator 24/7 for safe use.

*Diverse Interior Design

We provide five series, Gorgeous 3F, Fashionable 3F, Elegant 3F, Majestic 3F and Timeless 3F, to complement different home styles and realize the uniqueness of each user.

*Thoughtful Energy-saving Design

After the elevator is idle for some time, the fan and the light will be switched off automatically. This smart, thoughtful feature saves power.

*Safe Operation

In the event that an anomaly is detected, the elevator will stop at the nearest floor to ensure user safety.

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