Production capacity technology upgrading again in YUNGTAY Taoyuan plant

YUNGTAY has been adhering to the business philosophy “Always Think One More for Customers” and continues to put effort unremittingly into customer service quality and ability. Taoyuan plant just reached the milestone of accumulating 80,000 units shipped last year. All colleagues of the plant did not stop the pace of growth. Still, they were actively involved in the upgrading of technical production efficiency and manufacturing accuracy. They also expanded the introduction of advanced automation equipment. Recently, the plant has completed the preparation and officially put it into production, which makes the overall capacity and technology of the plant upgrade.
The sheet metal assembly line adopts internationally famous brand equipment to carry out sheet metal flexible and stamping automatic processing to shorten the manufacturing cycle, improve production efficiency and realize high elasticity and high precision production. PM gearless-traction-machine assembly line products the high-efficiency and high-performance PM gearless-traction-machine that YUNGTAY independently developed. It strictly controls the assembly line process, significantly improves production efficiency, effectively controls the product quality, and ensures the safety and comfort of the YUNGTAY elevator. Furthermore, we put a new generation of microcomputer control systems into the upgraded painting assembly line, which highly improves the accuracy of process quality control. In addition to the more efficient operation of the equipment, it also brings about energy saving and carbon emission reduction.
Under the tenet of the three first, “Quality, Service, and Technical,” YUNGTAY has always been committed to creating high-quality, stable and reliable, and high-performance intelligent elevators with industry-leading technology and ISO international standards certified production system. They also provide professional, high-quality, and flexible shipping, installation, and warranty services to meet the needs to provide a rapid, practical, and satisfactory service experience.
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