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Elevator Replacement Options

According to customer needs, multi-stage plans A1-A4 are available

-A1: Voltage control updates~ Frequency modulation replacement

-A2: Door and door control updates~ Increased efficiency

-A3: Skylight, elevator cage internal updates~ Modernization

-A4: Main motor, hoisting machine updates~ Increased youthfulness

◎ A1 Voltage Control Replacement: Passenger Comfort, Economy, Trustworthiness, and Safety Increased:

-Motor speed control frequency modulation installation, increasing resource efficiency, electricity consumption can be improved up to 50%.

-Jointless control panel, electronics, and elevator high level features introduced, greatly reducing breakdowns and passenger entrapment possibilities.

-Elevator operation vibrations and rocking reduced, smooth acceleration and deceleration, creating stability and comfort for passengers.

-Through computerization, speed calculations become exacting, and levelness with the floor at stops have virtually no gap.

-Elevator call cancel, eliminates extra elevator operations to answer careless or unnecessary calls, saving resources.

-24 hour all-weather off-site control option.

◎ A2 Door and Door Control Replacement:

-Creating a new environment, completely changing building image. Door opening and closing smoothness, speed, and quietness achieved.

-Safety Promise: passenger pinching elimination feature with door reversal upon opposition technology.

◎ A3 Skylight and Elevator Cage Internal Updates and Replacement:

-Skylight lighting and cage walls, floor and door panel updating, creating a beautiful, refreshing, brightened area and riding environment.

-Yungtay feels towards elevators as you feel towards your car, expecting safety, seeking multi-functionality, and caring about appearance.

-Regarding appearance, you are not limited to just choosing panels. Yungtay provides multiple elevator designs for you to choose, allowing buildings with all types of styles to find a matching elevator.

◎ A4 Main Motor and Hoisting Machine Replacement:

-The hoisting machine’s lifespan is longer than most voltage products, so when elevators begin updating customers are usually encouraged not to change the main motor or hoisting machine for the time being.

-Utilizing the original motor with frequency modulation main control panels can operationally achieve updated results, and this poses no safety problems.

-However, once the hoisting machine has undergone many years of use, the gears will begin to function irregularly resulting in unusual vibrations in the elevator cage. When this occurs it is necessary to replace the main motor and hoisting machine.

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