Internal Audit

  • ◎ The internal audit of Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. is an independent unit, directly under the board of directors. In addition to reporting at board meetings on a regular basis, the internal audit reports to the president when necessary.
  • ◎ The purpose of internal audit is to assist the board of directors and managers in checking and reviewing the internal control system and assessing operating efficiency.
  • ◎ Internal audit procedures clearly stipulate internal audits to review the internal control of the company's operating procedures, and report whether the design and routine practical operations of these controls are appropriate and their effectiveness and efficiency; its scope includes all company operations and its subsidiaries.
  • ◎ The audit work is mainly carried out according to the audit plan approved by the board of directors. The audit plan is made based on the identified risks, and special audit or review is performed as needed. The combination of the above-mentioned general audit and special audit provides the management with the functioning status of the internal control to enable the management to solve the existing or potential control weaknesses in a timely manner.
  • ◎ The departmental audit reviews the self-inspection performed by each unit, including checking whether the operation has been performed and reviewing the documents to ensure the quality of the execution. The departmental audit further integrates the results of the self-inspection and reports to the board of directors and supervisors.
  • ◎ Our company is equipped with appropriate and qualified full-time auditors, and we ensure that they performs their duties with due professional care.
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